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Thrive as we survive

Thrive Icon


Thrive as we survive

The Thrive Icon tells your story. It identifies the type of cancer that you were diagnosed with, how much treatment you have endured, what is close to your heart, and that you believe in renewal, rebirth, hope, and a second chance. It is most importantly, a reminder of what you can do and are doing.



Every time you see your icon or give someone your icon, you are renewing your commitment to achieve your dreams. In essence, you are telling yourself and the world, about what you are doing, and proclaiming that nothing can stop you.

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Create Your Icon. Fill out the application and begin your journey to something extraordinary today. For $48.00 you will be able to create and register your Icon, tell your story and share with the entire community as well as friends and family what you are committed to achieving.

The Thrive Icon symbolizes a commitment made to yourself. It is a commitment to do something audacious, something that you have always dreamed of doing, but never thought was possible. We are all designed for the extraordinary. We all have been taught that we are ordinary. As a person who has had or has cancer, you have already done something extraordinary.

Thrive Icon seeks to bring ‘Thrivers’ together for the purpose of inspiration, community, sharing, encouragement, and support. In addition to being designed for the extraordinary, we are also built for relationships. We succeed when we are in good surroundings and in good relationships.


Gabe Tesch

Born in 2003, Gabe was 11 years old when he was diagnosed with brain cancer. After 48 days of radiation treatment and 48 weeks of chemotherapy, he realized the fragility of life. Gabe then decided to do something extraordinary.

He resolved to become one of the greatest racing drivers of his time. The Thrive Icon was created by Gabe and his family as a constant reminder of where he had been and what he is committed to becoming.

Thrive Icon

Karen was diagnosed with cervical cancer and brain cancer, which claimed the life of her husband. Karen travels around the country competing in wheel to wheel racing with her Shelby Daytona coupe. Karen is also the Executive Director of Shift Up Now. Shift Up Now is a collective of female racers using motorsports to inspire courage and confidence in girls and women.


Thrive Icon

Sherrie was diagnosed with breast cancer and her son is a brain cancer survivor, as well as Thrive Icon co-founder Gabe Tesch. Five weeks after completing reconstructive surgery and a mere eight weeks after finishing chemo treatments Sherrie took her daughter on a 3-week mission trip to the back country of communist China. Risking arrest and possible imprisonment for the sake of Christ.


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Jerrod was diagnosed with stage 4 metastasized melanoma in 1999, and his life expectancy was just a few short years. Jerrod’s numbers are 00 for a good reason. He did not elect to pursue traditional treatment; instead he chose to make radical life changes in his nutritional habits. You can read all about it in his book, 5% Chance winning the Cancer Race. Today Jerrod is a successful entrepreneur!


These are just a few examples of the thousands of Thrivers in the world today.

You can join the Thrive Icon community and become a part of creating, registering, and displaying the Thrive Icon. Make a commitment to yourself and those around you to never ever give up on yourself. Pursue your purpose and dreams, and achieve something extraordinary. Become a Thriver today! - Gabe Tesch